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Web3 Strategic Marketing & Events for Creative Social Impact Founders in Sustainable/Ethical Fashion, Art, and Equity.

Our mission is to Make Impact Easy for individuals and organizations by connecting disparate groups and amplifying the voices of marginalized populations.

Greater Than Equal was founded on the firm belief that each individual has a unique power and influence to make an impact on our world. We are more than an agency. We are agents for change. Greater Than Equal is a community of individuals joining forces for positive local and global impact.

We inspire individuals, empower entrepreneurs, and reinvigorate organizations to connect with communities and maximize their impact through whole-person, vision-based marketing solutions. We address global issues increasing engagement through sustainable fashion, arts, culture and diversity initiatives.

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Web3 Technologies to


Disparate Groups.


People of the Global Majority.


Economic Power.

Create a Paradigm Shift

with Strategic Creative Equity Experiences

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Your resource for equitable event consulting and sourcing. We help you maximize your impact by working with you to host experiences that engage your audience in a lasting impactful way. We bring equity and thought provoking experiences to your events by helping you source speakers, vendors, volunteers, and provide consulting on advanced technology solutions.

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We’ve extracted the best parts of all the Web3 conferences and summits you’ve attended – the networking and immersive impactful experiences – to create our event concepts. We believe in the power of art and fashion to connect cultures, create empathy and impact the world. Building and activating community is made easier with the assistance of technologies such as blockchain, metaverse, NFTs, AI, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. We know that with access and implementation of these tools we can shift economics and impact the world this is why we create experiences to educate and expose creatives to the power of these technologies.

“Collaborating with Kamilah at Greater Than Equal for the “Fashioning Our World Together” event was a wonderful experience. She brought together a vibrant community to experience this unique event concept."

Adam Sadler, Gear Seven

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Into Reality.

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We help creative founders and organizations move toward their visions and maximize their impact on the world. We support the passionate work founders do and know that with the right tools we can build community and maximize impact. That’s why we provide resources creative social impact leaders through leadership and marketing strategy consulting. Creatives often have huge visions that will impact the world but need help on the organization, strategy, community building, and implementation aspects of their vision. They also many times need help with overcoming limiting beliefs and being able to integrate all of their ideas into something concise that integrates into their life. That’s why we take a whole-person, vision-based approach to our consulting. It’s almost like consulting + coaching to turn your vision into reality.


We believe that artisans and slow fashion can exist side by side with advanced technology. We advocate for the latest advancements in technologies such as machine learning, AI, 3D, Blockchain, NFTs, and XR.  Not only do we use these technologies to advance the decentralization of the fashion industry supply chain to increase sustainability and ethical practices, we show SMEs how these technologies can be used within their business models and facilitate empathy among everyday citizens.

“It was and is an honor to work alongside leaders and innovators like Kamilah Sanders. This event was a turning point for the emerging web3 community. The future is bright"

BrandonDavid Hawkins, Music City Crypto

Experience Web3 technologies

to create a collaborative ecosystem of sustainable ethical actors along the fashion industry supply chain.

Fashion Futurist

Accelerate Fashion Forward.

We are a community of fashion industry enthusiasts taking an unconventional approach to transform and disrupt the fashion industry to an ethical, sustainable model. We strive to be a resource to gather unconventional viewpoints to accelerate building a new ethical and sustainable Fashion Industry by 2030. We focus on innovation and optimism to move the industry forward. People across the world are counting on us to make an impact. We have the power to positively impact the world together. Join our community, explore resources, and our Roadmap – Podcast; YouTube, DAO; Global Summit.

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