Making Impact Easy
for Creative
Social Impact Founders

Specializing in Helping Disruptive Leaders in
Sustainable/Ethical Fashion, Art, and Equity.

Our mission is to Make Impact Easy for individuals and organizations by connecting disparate groups and amplifying the voices of marginalized populations.

Greater Than Equal was founded on the firm belief that each individual has a unique power and influence to make an impact on our world. We are more than an agency. We are agents for change. Greater Than Equal is a community of individuals joining forces for positive local and global impact.

We inspire individuals, empower entrepreneurs, and reinvigorate organizations to connect with communities and maximize their impact through whole-person, vision-based marketing solutions. We address global issues increasing engagement through sustainable fashion, arts, culture and diversity initiatives.

We disrupt and transition the fashion industry supply chain to a sustainable and equitable model.


  • Leadership Development
  • Marketing Strategy for SMEs
  • Collaborative Impact

Economic Justice

  • Decentralized supply chain
  • Equity in tech
  • Entrepreneurship in emerging markets

a Paradigm Shift

  • Storytelling
  • Artivism
  • Events and Campaigns
  • Social Impact Leaders Podcast

We Build Up Leaders

We accomplish this by giving creative social impact founders the tools they need to maximize their impact through our leadership consulting and marketing strategy.

We Foster Collaborative Impact

We are connecting an ecosystem of sustainable, ethical actors throughout the fashion supply chain.

We Advocate for a Decentralized Supply Chain.

We Promote Economic Justice.

We Advance Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be a key to building wealth. We connect founders with the tools they need for entrepreneurship to facilitate economic justice in emerging markets.

We Advance Equity in Tech

We believe that artisans and slow fashion can exist side by side with advanced technology. We advocate for the latest advancements in technologies such as machine learning, AI, 3D, Blockchain, NFTs, and XR.  Not only do we use these technologies to advance the decentralization of the fashion industry supply chain to increase sustainability and ethical practices, we show SMEs how these technologies can be used within their business models and facilitate empathy among everyday citizens.

We create a paradigm shift through visual and audio storytelling.

Visual Storytelling


Social Impact Leaders Podcast

We Use a Systems Change Approach to Achieve the UN SDGs.

Although the Fashion Industry affects all UN SDGs our primary focus is the following SDGs.

Create Local & Global Change

Speaking Engagements
& Thought Leadership

As an experienced speaker, moderator, and writer I passionately engage and connect with your audience promoting enthusiasm and action. Topics include sustainable fashion, equity, leadership, and marketing.

Marketing & Branding

With over 20 years of experience in strategic marketing for international corporations, entrepreneurs and nonprofits, we offer a customized approach that builds your community and advances your cause. With a vision-based approach, we specialize in creative solutions for large-scale impact and change management.


Our customized approach caters to the leadership needs of nonprofits, entrepreneurs, artists, social enterprises, and corporations. We work with CEO/founders to take organizations to the next level and maximize impact through vision-based business and leadership consulting.

Disrupt the Industry

Advocates & Activists

Let’s join forces. We believe in the unifying power of community. If you are an advocate for change locally or internationally, let’s maximize your impact together. We specialize in speaking engagements, op-eds, event execution and content development surrounding topics including sustainable fashion, diversity, arts & culture.

Social Impact Organizations

We reinvigorate organizations and maximize their impact through leadership consulting and marketing services that include nontraditional marketing and community engagement. Our expertise in marketing, leadership, human resources and operations combine to offer a unique, whole-person, vision-based marketing approach that moves your mission forward.


We advocate for and inspire artists. We work to promote your work and help you build community relationships. We provide customized solutions to engage your audience and further your craft.

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