We inspire individuals, empower entrepreneurs, and reinvigorate organizations to connect with communities and maximize their impact through whole-person, vision-based leadership and marketing solutions.

Thought Leadership

  • Speaking engagements
  • Panel moderator and interviewer
  • Op-Eds
  • Advocacy for social impact initiatives
  • Topics include sustainable fashion, diversity, leadership, whole-person/vision-based marketing

Communications & Advocacy for Sustainable Fashion & Climate Change Organizations

  • Communications strategy
  • Social Media strategy, content development and execution
  • Stakeholder outreach
  • Event planning and execution
  • Marketing services (branding, public relations, etc.)

BIPOC Recruitment for
Fashion & Art Spaces

  • Integrating BIPOC in planning
  • Recruiting BIPOC artists
  • Whole organization solutions and short-term initiatives

Branding & Marketing
Strategy Consulting

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand audit and strategy
  • Marketing services (advertising, social media etc.)
  • Website audit
  • Event planning and day of execution
  • Entrepreneur Starter Package (customized solutions such as business name, logo)
  • Monthly retainer options

Leadership Consulting

  • Consulting for Entrepreneurs, Founders, and CEOs
  • Leadership coaching
  • Change management
  • Organizational audit

Customized Solutions to Maximize Your Impact

Branding & Marketing Consulting Retainer for Small & Medium-Sized Social Impact Organizations

Don’t have the budget to hire internal experienced talent? We offer a monthly retainer where you can access an expert with 20 years of experience implementing successful marketing strategies. This will not only serve as training for your staff but ensures you are following best practices and creative insight to increase your impact. This option is ideal to supplement your current marketing team or for entrepreneurs with smaller organizations that are ready to put in the work but don’t have the necessary marketing expertise.

Brand/Marketing Audit

Have no idea where to start but know you could be making more impact? We offer brand audits evaluating all your communication channels (ie: social, website, email), providing advice and a mini strategy. This is a quick solution that will identify strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable next steps. We also offer more detailed, specific website and social media audits as à la carte options.

Leader/Entrepreneur Consulting

You are a leader. You are an entrepreneur. You need everything. You need help developing your brand. You need help building your tribe, connecting with your community, shaping your organization. You need help managing people. You need coaching and development as a leader. You need to clarify your vision, mission, goals. You need a strategy. You need results. You need an image architect. You need help with promotion, website, social media, marketing – the whole, entire thing. With our expertise we can help you solidify your foundation and provide an organized approach to accomplishing your goals. Specializing in multifaceted leaders, we add focus to your vision. If you are ready to dive into your purpose and maximize your impact on the world, we are ready for you. Our brand consulting solutions provide multidisciplinary expertise to take you further than you dreamed possible. Now is the time. Let’s partner.

Consulting vs Coaching:
Which one do you need?

Many organizations experience growth and then find themselves at a standstill either because they have reached the end of their internal expertise or they are not seeing the issues an outside consultant can quickly identify. Consulting is solution-focused and leans on the expertise of the consultant to problem solve. We start with your vision to ensure a solid foundation. Then we take a look at the entire organization to implement an effective, lasting solution. You receive solutions from a trained and experienced professional, adept in the multiple areas of branding, marketing, leadership, human resources and organizational development.

Although we use a whole-person/whole-organization approach in all projects, we go deeper with coaching. With coaching we also provide expertise, encouragement, and accountability along the way. Coaching is more about awakening your fire and inspiring you to accomplish your purpose. With coaching you are the star of the show. Our coaching is ideal for entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and executive teams. Our focus is branding, marketing and leadership coaching.

Still unsure? We recommend starting with the Brand/Marketing Audit that helps us evaluate next steps or you can schedule a free consultation below.

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