Disrupt the Fashion Industry Supply Chain

Connect with an Ecosystem of Fashion Industry Actors Making a Positive Impact on the World.

We Make Impact Easy.

Finally a easy to use solution customized for your needs.


Solutions built with an Equity first lens. We consider how the entire Fashion Industry ecosystem works to met your needs at every stage of your business.

Small to Medium Enterprises

Solutions built with the small to medium businesses in mind.

Emerging Markets

Create impact together. Join a collaborative ecosystem built for the needs of emerging markets.

Expand Your Community.

Expand Your Community.

  • Meet Manufacturing minimums by easily connecting to other designers.
  • Find ethical sources from unconventional textile suppliers to ethical manufacturers to technology solution providers.
  • Connect with designers, social impact leaders, and other global resources.

Track Your Supply Chain.

Let Technology Serve You.

Technology and your organization can work hand in hand to create and communicate equitable solutions. From Blockchain solutions that track garments along the supply chain to 3D solutions that save you time and money, we connect you with the best solutions for your organization.

Collaborate and Meet MOQ Minimums

Utilize Storytelling to Connect with Your Customers.

Once your supply chain is identified our system assists in providing content that will communicate your story to ensure a deep connection to your customers. We also offer suggestions to increase your brand’s impact.

Features Designed for Collaboration

We are commitment to using the most advanced Blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) technology to create seamless, equitable connections.

Get Started Today.

Be a part of the movement to disrupt and transition the fashion industry supply chain to a sustainable, equitable model. Join forces for a collaborative impact to decentralize the industry.

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