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Specifically designed to advance creative leaders by exposing to thought-provoking experiences and innovative technologies that connect disparate groups so we can impact the world together.

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Innovative, Creative, Joyful, Inspiring, Actionable, Thought Provoking Conversations.

Greater Than Equal brings visions and missions of creative social impact organizations to life through strategic marketing solutions utilizing Web3 technologies to shift paradigms and create alternative sustainable, ethical global systems. Focused on Impact Events aka Strategic Creative Equity Experiences, Greater Than Equal connects disparate groups and cultivates innovative, creative, joyful, inspiring, actionable, thought-provoking conversations.


Not only do we advise you on creating a memorable event, we look at the complete picture to maximize your impact by providing expert consulting on connecting to your target audience post and pre-event considering overall organizational goals; boosting attendance and engagement; logistics; sourcing the right vendors and speakers; public relations; sponsorships; and more.


We specialize in events centered around creative industries of fashion, art, and sustainability that support equitable practices.


Everything we do is through an equity lens – it’s in our ethos. We guarantee to source thought provoking voices that bring new perspectives and experiences to all aspects of your event from the photography to speakers. Now is the time to maximize your impact with diverse perspectives.


We provide experiences that foster innovative, creative, joyful, inspiring, actionable, thought provoking conversations. And we work with innovative partners that value the same and are looking to use Web3 technologies as a way to facilitate deeper connections with their communities. If this is you, let’s work!

Impact Events


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Case Study

Fashioning Our World Together: Web3 Networking Party

In the past year we have seen the integration of technology such as VR/AR and NFTs (and metaverse) to bring people together globally for communication, collaboration and increased accessibility.

With the rise of awareness of this technology Nashville has advocates and resources of people that are knowledgeable and use these technologies now in everyday design as an expansion of their business. It’s great that we are seeing increased collaboration through these technologies and it is giving organizations a new business models and ways to connect with their community and giving artists new ways to monetize.

Looking forward to 2023 we hope to spread the word throughout Nashville to see how we can grow and collaborate together as we work hand-in-hand with technology that helps to break down barriers. This event is a showcase of Nashville’s diverse design community merging with technology.

This event will include networking and informational talks during which a local fashion designer will hold a collaborative live design session in Gravity Sketch using a VR headset. As they are creating the design attendees will be able to watch live on screen as our host explains how to create collaborative design and discusses NFTs. The hope is to build community through the power of collaboration and NFTs.


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Fashioning a Web3 world: This creative leader is disrupting the art scene with virtual reality


Creating Community and Connecting Disparate Groups


Taking Risks and Defining Your Creative Journey Through Your Mission


How Will AI Impact Creators?

“It was and is an honor to work alongside leaders and innovators with Greater Than Equal. This event was a turning point for the emerging web3 community. The future is bright"

BrandonDavid Hawkins, Music City Crypto

Web3 Events

Hosted by Greater Than Equal

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We’ve extracted the best parts of all the Web3 conferences and summits you’ve attended – the networking and immersive impactful experiences – to create our event concepts. We believe in the power of art and fashion to connect cultures, create empathy and impact the world. Building and activating community is made easier with the assistance of technologies such as blockchain, metaverse, NFTs, AI, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. We know that with access and implementation of these tools we can shift economics and impact the world this is why we create experiences to educate and expose creatives to the power of these technologies.

“Collaborating with Greater Than Equal for the “Fashioning Our World Together” event was a wonderful experience. They brought together a vibrant community to experience this unique event concept."

Adam Sadler, Gear Seven

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