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We inspire individuals, empower entrepreneurs, and reinvigorate organizations to connect with communities and maximize their impact through whole-person, vision-based leadership and Web3 marketing solutions.

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We work with individuals and organizations that share our Core Values:

Empathy | Creativity | Innovation | Excellence | Authenticity | Genuine Connection | Passion | Gratitude | Joy

How to Work with Us

Strategy Sessions

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Know where you want to go but have no idea how to get there? You need creative solutions. Let us help you expand and organize your ideas so you can move forward with viable solutions. We work with individual entrepreneurs and large teams. Schedule a 60-min Strategy Call today!

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Branding/Marketing Audit + Mini Strategy

Find Your Next Steps

Have no idea where to start but know you could be making more impact? We offer brand audits evaluating all your communication channels (ie: social, website, email), providing advice and a mini strategy. This is a quick solution that will identify strengths and weaknesses and provides actionable next steps. We also offer more detailed, specific website and social media audits as customized options.

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“Working with Kamilah was an absolute essential to getting my business off the ground. I love how she was extremely professional and organized about her approach to providing tailor made services that met my needs. Additionally, she is well versed in many of the technologies needed to help one create a product that is high quality. I plan to use the information and wisdom she taught me with future clients as her work was invaluable.

I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to free themselves from their mundane life of a job and desires to walk in their purpose.”

Dr. Keith Ekhator, LCSW, LSSW, CCTP

Web3 Projects

Bring Your Vision to Life

Many organizations experience growth and then find themselves at a standstill either because they have reached the end of their internal expertise or they are not seeing the issues an outside consultant can quickly identify. Consulting is solution-focused and leans on the expertise of the consultant to problem solve. We start with your vision to ensure a solid foundation. Then we take a look at the entire organization to implement an effective, lasting solution. You receive solutions from a trained and experienced professional, adept in the multiple areas of branding, marketing, leadership, human resources and organizational development.

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Consulting + Coaching Packages

Get on Track to Accelerate Your Impact

You are a leader. You are an entrepreneur. You need everything. You need help developing your brand. You need help building your tribe, connecting with your community, shaping your organization. You need help managing people. You need coaching and development as a leader. You need to clarify your vision, mission, goals. You need a strategy. You need results. You need an image architect. You need help with promotion, website, social media, marketing – the whole, entire thing. With our expertise we can help you solidify your foundation and provide an organized approach to accomplishing your goals. Specializing in multifaceted leaders, we add focus to your vision. If you are ready to dive into your purpose and maximize your impact on the world, we are ready for you. Our brand consulting solutions provide multidisciplinary expertise to take you further than you dreamed possible. Now is the time. Let’s partner.

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Maximize Your Organization's Impact

Don’t have the budget to hire internal experienced talent? We offer a monthly retainer where you can access an expert with 20 years of experience implementing successful marketing strategies. This will not only serve as training for your staff but ensures you are following best practices and creative insight to increase your impact. This option is ideal to supplement your current marketing team or for entrepreneurs with smaller organizations that are ready to put in the work but don’t have the necessary marketing expertise.

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"Kamilah not only provided her marketing expertise, but she also brought a unique perspective that allowed us to see beyond our typical scope. I was impressed by her process and the work she dedicated to our rebrand. As we worked with Kamilah, she helped us put all of our ideas together and added her marketing experience to help us develop an inclusive and empowering brand that is finally getting implemented.

In addition to providing practical and applicable feedback about branding, she also supported us and validated our concerns and frustrations as we navigated the unfamiliar territory of managing the various stakeholder perspectives from our clients to Board members to our own.

Kamilah was an invaluable resource during our rebranding process, and I hope that we can work with her in a greater capacity in the future."

Nicole Brandt Minyard
Founder & Executive Director of Daybreak Arts (formerly “Poverty and the Arts”)

Event Services

Make Impact Easy

Your resource for equitable event consulting and sourcing. We help you maximize your impact by working with you to host experiences that engage your audience in a lasting impactful way. We bring equity and thought provoking experiences to your events by helping you source speakers, vendors, volunteers, and provide consulting on advanced technology solutions. Whether you want to have an immersive impactful event or you are a vendor wanting to connect and participate in our Creative Equity Experiences, let’s talk!

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Speaking Inquiries

Catalyze Change. Inspire Action.

Visionary leader, Kamilah Sanders cannot help but leave the audience inspired as many speakers do. Kamilah provides a unique perspective as an accomplished professional coming from modest means. At heart she is a problem solver, a strategic thinker, optimistic realist, and a futurist able to look at multiple angles to see a future vision. Because of her background in solving complex problems of entities from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 international organizations, Kamilah believes in not just inspiring but leaving the audience with direction for a growth mindset and actionable steps to maximize their impact on the world.

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"She makes nearly everything look effortless. She’s incredibly detail-oriented, even while maintaining the big picture, strategic vision. Kamilah is solidly capable, accomplished, talented, and is, quite frankly, a joy to work with."

Lori Whitbey
Founder at Whitbey Content and Copywriting, LLC

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