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Our mission is to Make Impact Easy™ for individuals and organizations by connecting disparate groups and amplifying the voices of marginalized populations.

Fashion has the power to influence and impact the world

The influence of fashion spans globally and across cultures. Fashion has a major impact on climate change and social justice. Making positive changes in the fashion industry has the power to change the world by impacting all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals including climate action; responsible consumption and production; poverty; gender equality; reduced inequalities; and life below water.


The first step toward change is acknowledgement of the issue. To acknowledge an issue one must know the issue exists. Greater Than Equal amplifies the voices and supports organizations that amplify voices of marginalized communities. This amplification through multiple communication channels utilizing art, photography and storytelling brings awareness to critical issues that impact our world.


Once we acknowledge an issue, the next step is to care and have empathy for the individuals and communities being impacted. People build impactful connections through meaningful experiences, connection with art such as videos, photography, exhibits, events and cultural experiences that expose people to the broader world. Greater Than Equal partners with organizations to bring these concepts to life.


The final step is to take action. People need to understand what action to take and understand the impact of their actions. Greater than Equal helps leaders bring awareness to impactful actions. We build individual leaders and leaders within organizations that have specific solutions to help marginalized communities. Leaders make a choice to take a stand, Greater then Equal helps to maximize their impact, people follow and together we impact the world.

We Use a Systems Change Approach to Achieve the UN SDGs

Although the Fashion Industry affects all UN SDGs our primary focus is the following SDGs.

Racial Justice = Climate Justice

Art Connects Cultures

Art is a pure expression of one’s deepest self. Art has the power to tell a story. Art connect cultures and create understandings in a powerful lasting way. Greater Than Equal connect cultures and creates understandings to improve diversity and equity in critical spaces. These efforts connecting cultures and diversifying spaces will create change in the fashion industry that will lead to equity and true sustainability.

Equity is the Solution

Diversity is the first step of longer process of creating equitable systems and including diverse voices where it counts, diversity (specifically BIPOC related) is one of the first steps in achieving sustainability goals. We believe amplifying diverse groups will normalize these voices and lift up BIPOC populations to have a voice that enables them to create a paradigm shift that fosters systematic lasting change.

Our Approach

We help social impact organizations and artists connect to their communities for maximum impact and bring your unique purpose to light. With over 20 years of experience in strategic marketing for international corporations, entrepreneurs and nonprofits, we offer a customized approach that connects to your audience.

We work with CEO/Founders to take your organization to the next level and  maximize your impact through business, leadership, and marketing consulting and marketing services that include indirect marketing, advertising services, and raising public awareness through community engagement.

Our Founder

Speaker, Event Curator, Creative Producer, Kamilah Sanders is founder and CEO of Greater Than Equal whose focus is to disrupt creative industries using a systems change approach that includes Web3 marketing strategy and leadership consulting; using Web3 technologies for global collective impact; advancing entrepreneurship and tech in emerging markets; and creating a paradigm shift among citizens through Creative Equity Experiences connecting disparate groups and encouraging innovative, creative, inspiring, actionable, thought provoking conversations through events, panel discussions, podcasts, and Web3 experiences. As a Web3 Marketing & Leadership Strategist, Kamilah Sanders serves creative social impact founders turning their visions to reality and helping them maximize their impact on the world. In addition to Lorr Ambassador and host, Kamilah is also co-host on Crypto for Creatives Podcast; Digital Assets and Metaverse Podcast; The Sustainable Fashion Podcast; Fashion Reimagined Clubhouse and regularly speaks on Web3, Sustainable Fashion, Art, and Equity.

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Kamilah attended the Historically Black College (HBCU), North Carolina Central University where she practiced art in various forms such as ceramics, painting, drawing and the rich history of African Art. Minoring in business marketing, she learned core business fundamentals. Kamilah’s graduate studies took place at Towson University in Maryland, US where she studied Management and Leadership Development, Human Resources Development and Communications Management. She has since applied Leadership Development principles to subsequent executive management positions in international, nonprofit and start-up organizations. Continuing her studies at Oregon State University she focused on Wildlife Conservation learning how indigenous communities play a key role in best practices for sustainable development strategy.

During her graduate studies, she wrote several research papers on topics such as “Message Framing in Environmental Advertising”, “Influence of Model Ethnicity in Advertising on the Effects of Attitude-Toward-the-Ad and Brand Attitudes” and “The Frequency and Portrayal of Minorities in Major Fashion Magazine Apparel Advertisements” that explored the semiotics of minority images in fashion. Her research exposed her to the systemic issue of racism within the fashion industry. She realized it was much deeper than the lack of diverse faces in magazines, it was rooted in lack of diverse models, photographers and designers, editors etc.

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As a child fashion played a critical role in her everyday life. A seamstress, her mother exposed her to differences in fabric quality, patterns, and sewing. Next to the Bible, a copy of Vogue magazine was always available in her household. Her family, being of modest means, practiced sustainability before it was a thing – making clothes, sharing hand me downs, repurposing clothes, and thrift shopping.

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Kamilah’s love for the environment and wildlife also started when she was young. She took a stance on environmental interests at an early age from binging on animal documentaries to boycotting foods at the dinner table that were unsustainably produced. Because her father worked in the Coast Guard, she enjoyed much of her childhood living on the coast. One of her favorite memories was learning from her Lieutenant Commander father about his work on Sea Turtle Conservation while living on Galveston Island. Kamilah also studied Wildlife Conservation at Oregon State University which sparked her interest in Sustainable Development practices.

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As an avid volunteer, Kamilah has a heart for the community. Whether it’s volunteering at the local zoo weeding the anteater exhibit, helping patrons at ArtScape in Baltimore, building houses for habitat for humanity or cleaning up the Cumberland River in Nashville, Kamilah believes that solutions for today’s issues are found in community.

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Kamilah has a specialized interest in the consumer behavior aspect of marketing. Her 20+ year marketing career spans fashion, nonprofit community development, diversity, and sustainability. Kamilah has face-to-face experience studying fashion consumer behavior with over 10 years in retail fashion apparel. She also has over 6 years’ experience in nonprofits working with under-served communities and connecting disparate groups for a common cause. Kamilah successfully launched national multicultural initiatives from the ground up working though cross departmental collaboration. Kamilah spent 6 years working for an international energy management company serving as the marketing lead launching new consumer focused sustainable technology. After years of experiencing covert and overt racism and diluted social impact initiatives, she saw the opportunity to use her expertise to help a magnitude of individuals and organizations that seek to make a real impact on the world.

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Kamilah is a hard-worker that loves everyday interactions with people. Over 10 years of experience in retail fashion apparel has developed her strength of thriving in fast-paced, unpredictable environments where she can use her problem-solving skills. In retail fashion apparel she learned the ins and outs of customer service, managing, merchandising, customer behavior and fashion seasons. Kamilah’s passion for the arts, fashion, conservation, culture, leadership, vast experience in marketing and passion for helping people, has led to her current leadership development and marketing consultation work in Sustainable Fashion, Diversity, and the Arts. This mixture of honed skills has allowed her to take a unique approach to her practice. With long history of entrepreneurial consulting, hands on experience managing executives and developing people, she has the unique ability that takes a whole organization/person approach to her marketing consultation practice.

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